With five days left, I thought I’d look at some of my favourite things. One of those things is ducks. I’ve taken a lot of picture this year. I’ve also taken a lot of picture of birds. Like… a lot. But before all of that started, I already had quite the collection of duck pictures, mostly from a pond in Nanaimo where they loved to hang out. My first (and hopefully last) attempt at spot colour was with a duck photo.

They’re just all around delightful and comical things.

I saw these two while out for a walk at Lasalle park in Burlington. Still no sign of the Screech Owl I go there for, but I know what tree it hangs out in, so I’ll find it eventually.

This was taken with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/800 and f6.3, using ISO 800. It was actually probably a good 3 stops underexposed at these settings, so I should have been shooting at 1/100 or ISO 6400 to get proper exposure. The only issue there is that 1/100 would have been super blurry, and ISO 6400 would have probably had a lot more noise. While this still does have a fair bit of noise when viewed full size, it’s still clean enough to see the details, so I give it a pass.

This is why it’s so important to shoot in RAW instead of JPG, though. This shot would have had to go straight to the trash bin if I was shooting JPG.

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