I forget if it was called Serpentine or Turpentine.

Lauren had just finished doing her makeup for work, and I had a brief window between then and her heading out to get a picture I was after.

In her world, she had a brief window between then and her heading out to eat some food. Our priorities were not aligned.

I had to be expedient today in order to try and get what I wanted while making sure she could still have time to sustain herself, which is what people are supposed to do on a daily basis. Luckily efficiency, luck, and “Eh, good enough” outlooks allowed us to both fulfill all required goals prior to the deadline.

I’ve been very fortunate to have her support this year. She has put up with countless “Hold on, I need to take a picture” instances while we’re out. She has stoically modelled for me several times even though she would much rather not. She has constantly put up with my griping and whining about not having an idea for a particular day.

I hope that support continues in this final stretch, because I’m going to also post a shot today that she said she wasn’t a fan of. I like it a lot, though, so… forgiveness is easier than permission, right?


I like her

These were taken with my 90mm lens, shooting at 1/250 and f11, with an ISO of 100. Both instances had Lauren lit by one flash in an Octabox, and then I had another flash with a gel and grid pointing at the wall for colour.

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