Me asleep on the couch

Peace out

Well, that’s the end of that chapter.

My plan was to end this with a quick and dirty “Whatever” photo of me passed out on the couch. That changed a bit as soon as I got downstairs, though. I decided I wanted Worrible to be in the shot with me. I decided I wanted to have my trusted Sriracha with me as well, since it would hardly be a convincing depiction of me unwinding if I don’t have my Sriracha. I then felt like isolating the couch from everything else, so there was a bit of furniture arrangement.

At this point I realized that with the window in the background and general lighting situation in this room, there would be a lot of distraction still, and almost no light (unless I held still for a 5 second exposure). I ended up putting one strobe with a grid on it high and to the left pointing down at me, and then another strobe in an Octabox on the right side low and pointing almost away from me to make sure nothing spread to the backround. It helped keep Worrible lit, though.

I composed everything sans-me, set the timer for 20 seconds, and hopped on the couch and got as comfortable as I could.

Taken with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/250 and f8, with ISO 100.

Thanks for reading, folks. I’ll be doing a writeup of some stats and metrics from the year after I crunch some of the data.

One thought on “December 31 – Jamie

  1. We sure enjoyed your year of photos Jamie. What an accomplishment. Thanks so much for sharing them. Luv ya.

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