2015 Photo Data

Time for a bit of a retrospective. But first, some cold hard numbers!   My 2015 Catalogue contains a total of 10,065 files. My shutter opened and closed 22,904 this year, which is a bit over 1/10 of the expected lifecycle for my camera body. This means I deleted about half of all the shots I […]

December 31 – Jamie

Well, that’s the end of that chapter. My plan was to end this with a quick and dirty “Whatever” photo of me passed out on the couch. That changed a bit as soon as I got downstairs, though. I decided I wanted Worrible to be in the shot with me. I decided I wanted to […]

December 30 – Jamie

Ooooooh Osprey. I wasn’t content to only have the two most common bird of prey in my collection from the year, so some tactical wandering found me along the flightlines of a couple Osprey by the water. Now I can sit cozy in the three zone.  Mmmmmmm. Last bird shot of the year probably! Taken […]

December 29 – Jamie

Lauren had just finished doing her makeup for work, and I had a brief window between then and her heading out to get a picture I was after. In her world, she had a brief window between then and her heading out to eat some food. Our priorities were not aligned. I had to be […]

December 28 – Jamie

Hoo-wee, it’s a chilly one out there. I figured I’d post a shot of what I now consider to be the oft neglected House Sparrow. That bird that is always there. The bird that when you hear a bit nearby, it’s probably one of these. The most common and generic bird, it seems. And due […]

December 26 – Jamie

  With five days left, I thought I’d look at some of my favourite things. One of those things is ducks. I’ve taken a lot of picture this year. I’ve also taken a lot of picture of birds. Like… a lot. But before all of that started, I already had quite the collection of duck […]

December 25 – Jamie

There is to be a full moon tonight, and I was hoping to get a shot of it low above the skyway bridge. However, with the current grey and overcast weather, the likelihood of a shot happening is slim. In order to have a backup, here is some wood in some water in some fog, […]

December 23 – Jamie

Our dear sweet orchid Hobart has gone through a few phases in our time together. When we first got it there were only about five flowers on it, but over time that grew to about 8 total before some started to fall off. This is one of those flowers just as it started to blossom. […]